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Summer Safety Tips from Canine Camp Getaway Veterinarians

Cocker with visor 3Dog & cat heat

Hello All you Pet Lovers,

I am pleased to share this information from Canine Camp Getaway’s Veterinarians.  This is excellent advice and something I think all pet owners should review every summer, so please pass along.

1) Be cautious walking your dogs on hot pavement or cement — their pads are tough, but can burn just like your skin.

2) A summer haircut CAN help keep your pets cooler, but a too-short cut can make them even more vulnerable to the effects of sun and heat.

3) This seems like a no-brainer, but every year dogs die in hot cars. There is no “okay” time frame to leave a dog in a car in the summer.

4) Summer pests don’t only trouble humans — be sure your dog is protected from both internal and external parasites.

5) Drive carefully! More outdoor activities and open doors/windows can mean more dogs outside, on-leash and off, so slow down — and don’t get distracted by cell phones, texts or changing radio stations. Be sure to regularly inspect your yard for any holes or breaks in perimeter security.

6) Practice water safety — not all dogs can swim, especially in ocean water with waves and currents.

7) Be cautious of which pesticides, fertilizers, and mulches you or your landscaper are using; not all are pet-safe.

8) Wildlife is out and about — be sure your dog is current on vaccinations such as rabies and leptospirosis, if appropriate.

9) We see far more dog fights in the summer months than others — when socializing your dog at the park, be alert to his or her activities. Avoid distractions such as talking on your cell phone which may impede your response time.

10) Access to fresh, cold water is even more important now than other times of year.

11) BBQs can be great ways to visit with friends in the summer months but can be dangerous for your dog. Alcohol, hot BBQ drippings and coals, skewers, and even ingesting certain (or too much) food can all cause your pet harm. Be mindful of the grill and remind guests to please not feed your pup!

12) Buckle up! Remember to restrain your pet in the car. This will keep them safe if the event of an accident, and also keep them from jumping from an open window.

If you are thinking about a summer vacation to include your special furry family member, please checimagesk out   Canine Camp Getaway Vacation .  It is a wonderful place to go and  located in the beautiful Lake George, NY area. Maybe all your friends with Tails Untold Personalized Pet Books will see you there.

A great Valentine’s Day Photo Contest

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Hey Everyone, Tails Untold Personalized Pet Books is having another great Facebook Photo Contest!  To celebrate Valentine’s Day, join in the fun and send in your pet and your “Kissing or Hugging Photos”.  What fun!  Go to: to enter to win a beautiful hand painted fridge magnet created by our wonderful friend and great artist, Peggy Matheson.

Please also share this with all your friends!  The more kisses and hugs, the merrier! Happy Valentine’s Day!

Your Dog’s Amazing Nose

Molly's noseWe all have witnessed how dogs tend to greet each other. They sniff each other’s rear end! Can you imagine us doing that instead of a handshake? Why do they have that often embarrassing habit of greeting new doggie friends with their noses? There are many reasons why dogs do this. They want to find out each other’s gender, what they had for breakfast or if they’re sending out friendly vibes.

A dog’s sense of smell is its most powerful sense. We humans rely so much more on our sense of sight to learn about our world. A human nose has about 5 million odor receptors. Compare that to a hound dog’s 300 million receptors! Now you can understand why a dog can sniff out a single ounce of marijuana buried deep within a mountain of luggage filled with clothes scents and toiletries.

Our noses breathe air and odors in and out through our nostrils. A dog’s nose divides the air into two areas; the olfactory area and through the pharynx into the lungs. That way a dog can dedicate a portion of inspired air just to its sense of smell area of the brain. The dog is able to identify incoming odor molecules by their unique characteristics and send the signal to the brain for deciphering. Our nostrils are designed so that we inhale and exhale, sending the aromas we encounter out as soon as they come in. Dogs have slits in their nostrils that let exhaled air aerodynamically push new scents into the nose. These specially designed nostrils allow a dog to sniff in a more continuous, efficient way. A dog’s nostrils can also move independently which lets them know which direction a smell is coming from. That is why you will see a dog that is following a scent move its head from side to side. And, unlike us, dogs have a unique scent detecting organ that can recognize pheromones which are unique to each animal species.

Finally, a dog’s wet nose aids in its sense of smell. By having a damp nose, the mucus can trap dissipating odors in the air. Dogs will lick their noses which allows them to taste the chemicals in the odor which goes to another olfactory organ via the mouth to be analyzed by the dog’s brain.

So the next time you’re wondering about your pet’s odd habit of leg and butt sniffing, you’ll know why. Only the nose knows!

Dogs & Cats & TV & A Tails Untold Personalized Pet Book mention


dog & TV





Hi Everypawdy!

We like to share and there is a very interesting blog called “Owned by a Husky”  see the link below.  The latest blog post is about “The Truth behind dogs and Cats watching TV?”  Do they?  Check this out and check out the pssssssst: for a Tails Untold Personalized Pet Book mention.

Here is the website address to copy and paste into your browser.

Thank you for the mention Jenna,Mark “HuskyCrazed” Drady.

Happy Holidays!

Susan and Janet and all your friends with Tails Untold Personalized Pet Books


It’s Here! Your Pet’s My Dogs Christmas Show sponsored by Tails Untold Personalized Pet Books

Lisa Smith Putnam Christmas ShowWe’s so excited to let you know that Tails Untold Personalized Pet Books Sponsored Lisa Smith-Putnam’s  Your Pets My Dogs Christmas Story on Pet Life Radio.  You can listen to MacDuff’s Christmas Surprise Story narrated by Janet Lyman McCann and hear special Christmas Memories from Lisa, Bill, Janet and yours truly.

Come grab a hot chocolate, cup of tea or your favorite drink and enjoy the show.  Please share with all your friends!  We also appreciate any comments.

Here are a couple of  links to the show:

And here is a picture of  the cover of the Tails Untold Personalized Pet Book “Macduff’s New York City Adventure Book” from “Santa”.

Macduff Book Cover

Petting a Dog or Cat is Mutually Therapeutic

Dog & Baby



Did you know that petting your dog or cat has mutual benefits? It seems obvious that your pet gets pleasure from petting and shows it in many ways like rubbing up against you, nudging you, and often we see a smile and a gleam in their eye from petting.

For humans, petting often triggers the release of a hormone called oxytocin, which is a bonding hormone. They say that petting a dog for only 15 minutes can also release other feel good hormones such as serotonin and prolactin.   Another benefit is that the stress hormone called cortisol, has been known to be lowered by petting.  Studies have shown that the same effect happens with cats.

For those suffering with mild depression, by petting your pet, it stops you from focusing on your problems and looking inward and digging into a deeper hole. Your energies are now focused on your pet and it helps to take the worry and the depressive thoughts and turn them toward something positive and loving, outside of your own mind. What is amazing is our pets can usually tell when we are feeling blue and will often stay closer to us and want to snuggle more.

Many studies have shown that not only do we get the positive effects of petting, but our pets get the same kind of benefits, too.

So keep petting your pet so you both enjoy that mutual benefit that has been termed “the love loop”.

P.S. Do you think a cat and dog petting each other has the same effect?  [Photo: Courtesy of Funagram]




Cats Tickly Whiskers – What Do They Do?


If something touches a person’s skin, it is felt. Our skin is a major sensory organ in our bodies. If lightly brushed, the hairs on our arm, for example, might stand up on end and we get a slight sensation because the hair is rooted in the skin.

The whiskers on a cat act in a similar way but are highly sensitive organs, more so than the fur on their bodies. There are numerous nerve endings on the skin at the base of the whiskers. Whiskers are thicker than ordinary hair and more deeply rooted. A cat’s sense of touch is enhanced by long whiskers.

The brain region where information from whiskers is received is similar to the visual cortex. It allows a cat a 3D map of its surroundings without being a true visual sense. It is a sense of touch. Cats depend on their whiskers to give them information on many things, such as balance and precision with their bodies in space. They help a cat know where objects are around them. The whiskers act as a measuring device such as allowing a cat to know if it can fit through a narrow space. The upper and lower whiskers can move independently for greater precision during measurement. They also allow a cat to navigate better in the dark.

Whiskers aid in hunting as they help a cat to detect a preys location. As the air is disturbed by the movement of the prey, a cat’s whiskers help it know in which direction the object has moved. They are part of the reason that cats are such accurate hunters.

Dogs, on the other hand, do not depend on whiskers as much as cats do. They rely more heavily on their senses of sight and smell. Whiskers can help dogs be more aware of an object they are smelling, such as its composition.

So take care when brushing and grooming your cat. Do not trim the whiskers. They are more important than just hair. A cat needs its whiskers to sense and interpret the world around them. Just let those whiskers just tickle your cheeks and let them grow.

Tails Untold Personalized Pet Books & Your Pets My Dogs Photo Contest Winner

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Tails Untold Personalized Pet books and Your Pets My Dogs Facebook Photo Contest Winner is Amos Moses from Binghamton, NY.  We had lots of wonderful entries but Amos, Entry #10 won.  He is the lucky winner of his very own Tails Untold Personalized Pet Book, Amos Moses’ New York City Adventure.  We can’t wait to create his book.

Check out our Facebook page as we have lots of fun gift, treat, and great functional items for your pets.  Also check out Lisa Smith-Putnam’s Facebook page and listen to her radio show, too.

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Happy Fall!


Dog Crazy Definitions

laughing dog








In our last blog, we featured crazy cat definitions. So as not to leave out our canine friends, here are our interpretations of words that contain the word “dog”. We hope it tickles your “funny dog bone”!

Dogdom – The world of dogs or how a dog feels when he gets his head stuck in the
cookie jar

Dogbane – A perennial plant or how a dog feels about the existence of members of the
cat family

Dogears – The turned down corners of book pages or the things a dog changes when he
wants his bike to go faster

Doggone – A polite form of the word “damn” or what the factory dog does when he hears
the 5:00 whistle

Doglegging – When a golf course uses bends and turns in the terrain or what a poodle
wears to ballet class

Dogma – A set of beliefs or the opposite of a dog’s dad

Dogtrot – A quick easy gait or what a dancing dog prefers to call his favorite ball-
room dance

Dogvane – An indicator of wind direction on a ship or the dog who can’t stop looking
in the mirror

Dogwatch – A shipboard watch of 2 hour intervals or the thing a dog wears around his

Dogwoods – Trees with clusters of flowers or the clubs a dog uses on the fairway

Firedog – An andiron or what an unhappy boss does when his canine worker messes up

Hangdogs – Sad or depressed people or a bunch of dogs gathering to shoot the breeze

Hotdog – A ballpark favorite or a sexy poodle

Lapdog – A small dog that can be held in your lap or what a dog completes each time
she circles the track

Seadog – A veteran sailor or what Jane says to Dick when Spot appears

Underdog – A predicted loser in a contest or where you find a dogbed

Waterdog – Another skilled sailor or what you do when your dog is panting

Bandog – A tied up ferocious watch dog or a dog who is a groupie

Bulldog – A muscular, compact breed or the dog who makes up outlandish stories

And finally…

Dognapping – The act of stealing a dog or what a dog does after a big meal
What you might do now to rest your “funny dog bone”!

Cat Crazy Definitions


cat smiling

Everyone likes a good chuckle from time to time. There are many words that contain the word “cat” that can be up for interpretation. Get ready; you are about to be “cat”-apulted” into a list of cat crazy definitions:

Catacomb – An underground cemetary or what a cat uses to fix his messy hair

Catty – Slyly malicious or what a cat sips with his 4:00 crumpets

Catnapped – Slept lightly or what the cat raised when he scratched the carpet

Copycat – An imitator or a cat who runs errands for the New York Times office.

Cat 0’Nine Tails – A whip or the cat who traded his lives for spare body parts

Catalyst – Substance that causes chemical reaction or what you give your cat when
she is going grocery shopping

Catfishes – Fish of the order Nematognathi or what a cat does on his day off

Muscat – A variety of grape or an untidy feline

Catcalls – Booing bad acting or what pussycat receives on her IPhone

Catenoid – The surface generated by rotating a catenary about its axis of symmetry
or what happens when the dog keeps chasing the cat

Polecats – Name for skunks or felines employed by Gallop

Delicate – Fine in texture or the cat who likes chopped liver

Hepcat – One who keeps up with the latest trends or the first counting word when
the Army cat leads the march (followed by 2, 3, 4..)

Catsup – A variant of ketchup or when it is time for the cat to bat the baseball

Catkin – Fluffy flower bracts of a willow or pussycats aunts and uncles

Catgut – Used to make racket strings or what the vet sees on Tabby’s xray

Catatonic – appearing to be in a daze or what you give your cat when he’s run down
And possibly…

How you’re feeling after reading all of these cat crazy definitions!


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