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Sebastian is a Celebrity

Tails Untold is very proud to announce that Sebastian, who recently was the Star of a Tails Untold New York City Adventure Book was just featured in an article in the New York Post on Sunday, November 27, 2011 on page 43.  The article discussed how five dogs, Sebe included, are devoted to helping others.



If your cat nips

Cat Nips

According to the Cat Lady, Beth Adelman, there are certain things you should and should not do when your cat gets excited and nippy. When your cat or kitty nips at you, do nothing, but say “ow” and “no biting”. Cats will think you are playing with them if you swat at them for biting. It is best to approach your kitty when he or she is calm and have a preferred toy in your hand that your cat can nip at. When you have finished playing with a string or other toy, slow down the play gradually, so your pet knows that playtime is over. This is the time to give your cat a treat as a reward for not biting. Remember that cats and kittys just love to use their pent up energy in play…it is up to you to be sure it stays nip-free!

Tails Untold Donation to Bideawee

Tails Untold is proud to announce that we just made another donation today.  Our recipient is Bideawee   This is a wonderful organization, founded in 1903 by Mrs. Flora D’Auby Jenkins Kibbe, Bideawee, which means “stay awhile” in Scottish, is one of the oldest humane organizations in the United States.
Bideawee is one of the nation’s leading animal welfare organizations; but there’s so much more to what they do. Bideawee is a community – of compassionate caregivers, volunteers, and friends – dedicated to helping people and animals build safe, loving, long-term relationships.They know this is ambitious,  but they believe it’s crucial for breaking the cycle of unwanted or abandoned pets in our world.
Consider joining the  Bideawee community. Explore their site – learn about the innovative adoption, veterinary care, education, behavioral training and other services they offer.

pets and Christmas cards

Today one of my students shared a picture of the newest acquisition to his family…”Bruno” , a rescue dog. He had a sample picture of himself, his brother and “Bruno” which they will use as a Christmas card. He could not wait to show his friends and teacher. It is not uncommon for people to use their pets in their holiday greeting cards. As many as 58% of pet owners do this, according to the American Animal Hospital Association. My student is language learning disabled, but he had no difficulty when it came to talking about his new pet. His eyes sparkled and the words just poured out as he described how he got his dog. Just one more instance of how pets can give back to their owners!

Meet Sebastian our latest Tails Untold Star!

Here is our latest pet narrator and star, Sebastian, who recently took a Tails Untold New York City Adventure.  He wrote all about his journey in a unique Tails Untold Adventure Book to present as a gift to his pet parents.  He decided to walk vs. ride his “cycle” throughout the New York City Streets. He said he had a great time but was very happy to be back home.

Help Central Park recover from the early winter storm

Central Park is one of our favorite places and plays an important role in Tails Untold’s adventure story. This weekend’s storm was devastating to the park.  An estimated 1,000 trees have been lost because of the early snowfall. Because the trees still had most of their leaves, the snow accumulation was very heavy and damaging. If you’re interested in making a donation, Central Park Conservancy has set up a special Halloween Storm fund.