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Another Happy Tails Untold Personalized Pet Book Purchaser

Another happy Tails Untold Personalized Pet Book Purchaser.  Fran purchased Sunny’s book and gave it to her parents, Sunny’s grandparents, as a gift and they were thrilled, as of course we are, too!
“HI Susan!!!
 just a quick note to let you know that my parents were THRILLED with the book, as was I!!  They were soooo happy and just loved it!  Me, too!  I especially love the inner cover with their picture, and all the pictures really came out great – Sunny is my adorable baby and it tells his story!  Thanks again, and thanks for getting it to me so that my folks could have it last night!!

Taking Your Cat On A Long Car Trip


Most cats tend to be home-bodies. They prefer to snuggle up in their favorite spot in the sun in familiar surroundings. But there are times when we want to have them with us when we go away for a while. This means they may have to spend several hours of travel in the car. It is recommended that you think about the following suggestions in order to make it a fun and safe trip.

* Always use a crate. Cats  tend to feel more secure in small spaces, such as under a bed when they are nervous or frightened. Be sure they are experienced with the crate by having it open in the room for a few days before the trip. Line it with favorite blankets and toys and let them explore it at will. The crate should be roomy enough so your cat can move around and stretch.

* Take them for short trips in the crate, gradually increasing the length of time of the trip. Be sure to keep the crate securely placed in the car and preferably where your cat can see you.

* Line the crate with puppy pads for any accidents and keep plastic bags handy for their removal. That way you can easily dispose of them at the next rest stop.

* Feed your cat about four hours before you leave and do not make it a large meal. Most cats do not like to eat a lot when traveling in the car. Keep a few treats handy for rest stops. It is a good idea to fill a jug of water from your tap to keep your pet hydrated along the way and avoid upsetting their tummies with unfamiliar water.

* Take a leash along for rest stops to let your cat stretch, relieve himself and have some playtime with you. If one of you need to use the rest stop facilities, leave one person with the cat.

* Plan your route and identify emergency vet hospitals along the way. Be sure to have a copy of your pets medical records and immunizations.

* If you need to stop at a hotel on your way, check ahead for cat-friendly hotels. Some may require extra fees and have rules about leaving your pet alone in the room.

Preparation is the key to having a happy and safe trip with your cat. It will make both of your lives less stressed and your vacation one to remember.