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Cat Crazy Definitions


cat smiling

Everyone likes a good chuckle from time to time. There are many words that contain the word “cat” that can be up for interpretation. Get ready; you are about to be “cat”-apulted” into a list of cat crazy definitions:

Catacomb – An underground cemetary or what a cat uses to fix his messy hair

Catty – Slyly malicious or what a cat sips with his 4:00 crumpets

Catnapped – Slept lightly or what the cat raised when he scratched the carpet

Copycat – An imitator or a cat who runs errands for the New York Times office.

Cat 0’Nine Tails – A whip or the cat who traded his lives for spare body parts

Catalyst – Substance that causes chemical reaction or what you give your cat when
she is going grocery shopping

Catfishes – Fish of the order Nematognathi or what a cat does on his day off

Muscat – A variety of grape or an untidy feline

Catcalls – Booing bad acting or what pussycat receives on her IPhone

Catenoid – The surface generated by rotating a catenary about its axis of symmetry
or what happens when the dog keeps chasing the cat

Polecats – Name for skunks or felines employed by Gallop

Delicate – Fine in texture or the cat who likes chopped liver

Hepcat – One who keeps up with the latest trends or the first counting word when
the Army cat leads the march (followed by 2, 3, 4..)

Catsup – A variant of ketchup or when it is time for the cat to bat the baseball

Catkin – Fluffy flower bracts of a willow or pussycats aunts and uncles

Catgut – Used to make racket strings or what the vet sees on Tabby’s xray

Catatonic – appearing to be in a daze or what you give your cat when he’s run down
And possibly…

How you’re feeling after reading all of these cat crazy definitions!


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