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Dog Crazy Definitions

laughing dog








In our last blog, we featured crazy cat definitions. So as not to leave out our canine friends, here are our interpretations of words that contain the word “dog”. We hope it tickles your “funny dog bone”!

Dogdom – The world of dogs or how a dog feels when he gets his head stuck in the
cookie jar

Dogbane – A perennial plant or how a dog feels about the existence of members of the
cat family

Dogears – The turned down corners of book pages or the things a dog changes when he
wants his bike to go faster

Doggone – A polite form of the word “damn” or what the factory dog does when he hears
the 5:00 whistle

Doglegging – When a golf course uses bends and turns in the terrain or what a poodle
wears to ballet class

Dogma – A set of beliefs or the opposite of a dog’s dad

Dogtrot – A quick easy gait or what a dancing dog prefers to call his favorite ball-
room dance

Dogvane – An indicator of wind direction on a ship or the dog who can’t stop looking
in the mirror

Dogwatch – A shipboard watch of 2 hour intervals or the thing a dog wears around his

Dogwoods – Trees with clusters of flowers or the clubs a dog uses on the fairway

Firedog – An andiron or what an unhappy boss does when his canine worker messes up

Hangdogs – Sad or depressed people or a bunch of dogs gathering to shoot the breeze

Hotdog – A ballpark favorite or a sexy poodle

Lapdog – A small dog that can be held in your lap or what a dog completes each time
she circles the track

Seadog – A veteran sailor or what Jane says to Dick when Spot appears

Underdog – A predicted loser in a contest or where you find a dogbed

Waterdog – Another skilled sailor or what you do when your dog is panting

Bandog – A tied up ferocious watch dog or a dog who is a groupie

Bulldog – A muscular, compact breed or the dog who makes up outlandish stories

And finally…

Dognapping – The act of stealing a dog or what a dog does after a big meal
What you might do now to rest your “funny dog bone”!