Twice a Happy Tails Untold Personalized Pet Book Purchaser

Tails Untold just received a note from Cheryl, who just purchased a second book this time for her other Golden Retriever, Bubba, Yogi’s Brother.  Here is what Cheryl had to say.

“I just received my second book from Tails Untold for my golden, Bubba. I love the book and have to say that this is such a unique and creative way to capture a pet’s characteristics and humor. The adventure of NYC is the overlay to a great read on your pet’s behavior and personality. We now have two books for both our goldens and I can’t think of a better way to carry their legacy than on our bookshelf forever and ever. Thank you Tails Untold for such a wonderful opportunity.”

Thank you, Cheryl!

2 Responses to Twice a Happy Tails Untold Personalized Pet Book Purchaser

  1. Michael Robert Brown says:

    Can’t say enough about this website – its alot better than mine.

  2. Susan Lyman says:

    Thank you, Michael for checking out our website We appreciate your spreading the word about our personalized pet books.

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