Thanksgiving Food Safety Tips For Dogs And Cats

Thanksgiving is here! It is a time to give thanks for our families and furry friends. The smells and aromas fill the house with anticipation of the great feast ahead. Naturally, our pets are drawn to the yummy flavors that waft through the house. We are often tempted to give them some of the great holiday food. But there are certain things to watch out for. The following are some facts and foods to avoid with your pets:

-Turkey (or any meat) should be cooked well and should always be boneless. Turkey is an extremely rich meat and can cause digestive upsets in your pet

-Sage is especially upsetting to a cat’s digestive system. It can result in an upset stomach or central nervous system depression. So don’t give them turkey stuffing.

-Bread dough when in its raw form reacts with the pets body heat and will rise in the pets sensitive stomach. This will cause bloating and pain as well as vomiting. It can become life threatening and can require surgery.

-Cake batter contains raw eggs which can cause salmonella infection in your pet. It also contains too much sugar. So letting your pet lick the bowl is not a good idea.

-Too much of anything is not recommended. Even small amounts of human food can result in stomach upsets, diarrhea and, in some cases, pancreatitis.Ā  Pet owners should also follow this idea of eating in moderation. There are always leftovers to be enjoyed the next day.

-Wraps, wax paper and foils are to be avoided. While licking up the food from these wrappings, your pet may ingest some of the wrappings. These can cause intestinal obstruction so they should be kept separate from the food.

-Hot food carried to the table can be a hazard with pets who are eager to have a taste. Be sure your pets don’t cross your path on the way to the table or weave between your legs causing the food to spill on them.

-Chocolate or beverages containing caffeine are toxic to pets. It is best to keep them out of the pets way and serve only to pet owners.

Keep these ideas in mind as you enjoy your holiday feast. Wishing you a very Happy Thanksgiving!

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