Pink Lemonade Cats and Irish Green Dogs?

The latest craze in pet grooming is the use of colored dyes to change the color of your cat’s or dog’s coat.  In China, one owner of a white chow-chow dyed his fur to look just like a big panda bear. Another cat lover dyed her cat pink to match her bedroom colors. The use of dyes should be approached with caution.  Animals, unlike humans, have hair/fur all over their bodies and not just their heads. Dye is absorbed into the skin of your pet. Like humans, if you are trying dye for the first time, it is best to test it on a small patch of fur first to check for allergic reactions. Cats, who like to groom their fur may injest the dye.  Pet dyes have not been studied long-term to see how safe they really are.

If you decide to dye your pet, use non-toxic, made for pet dyes. Human dyes are much too harsh with the chemicals they contain. There are even recipes out there for homemade dyes. However, these can also be harmful. Talk to a groomer who specializes in pet dye services. The groomer can recommend pet-safe products.

There are also chalk-based paints for use on animals.  They work best on short-to-medium coats and wash or fade out over time. Some people use stencils to emblazon the name of their favorite sports team on their pets. Now that’s a real “dye-hard” fan!

For many of us we love the natural beauty and appearance of our dogs and cats. But for those who are enamored with the idea of a color change, such as green for St. Patrick’s Day or Red, white and blue for the Fourth of July, keep these tips in mind. Have a colorful summer!

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