Getting a small dog

Small dogs have special needs. In terms of grooming, they need more nail trimming as their nails grow faster than large dogs. They also tend to need more frequent hair grooming, especially the longer haired ones, as they are closer to the ground.

Small dogs have faster metabolisms than larger dogs. They require more food relative to their body weight and they burn through calories faster. Their needs for food intake can be 2 to 4 times greater than large dogs. In addition, they can tend to dehydrate faster than large dogs because of their faster metabolism. Small dogs need food that is small in size so they can chew it properly. It is best to avoid food with more grain fillers as are often found in the cheaper brands of dog food.  Also, grains are harder to digest especially in small dogs whose digestive tracts are still developing. This can lead to a build-up of sugar and cause health problems such as hypoglycemia, hyperactivity and diabetes. There may also be gastrointestinal problems like gas and diarrhea.

Where your keep your small dog is important as well. If you keep your dog outside, be sure the fence or enclosure does not have weak spots that your dog can wriggle through.Bird attacks are also a real possibility from larger birds of prey. You should have a large covered kennel with fresh water and a cool shady place where your dog can feel enclosed and comfortable.

Small dogs and large dogs are no different when it comes to temperament.  What makes a dog’s temperament different is that humans tend to treat small dogs differently. They tend to be babied and overly protected. Both large and small dogs need to know who their alpha dog is. Just as you wouldn’t let a large dog jump on you, small dogs, no matter how cute, should not be allowed to either.

In spite of their small stature, small dogs are very loveable and will respond to your attention with great affection.


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  1. Good tips to pass on to help people keep their small dogs healthy. Thanks for putting this together.
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