Dogs Have Angels Too – a book review

This heartwarming and thought provoking novel about a woman’s crusade to rescue as many dogs as she can while barely subsisting herself, is a must read! I actually read it two times, the first time in one afternoon. The main character, Miss Pink inspires us to give of ourselves to those people and four legged pals who need our help and love.  She is like a dog whisperer who can calm the most abused canine into accepting her trust at the New York City  animal rescue center.  There are some twists and turns as she befriends a not-so-popular woman and a broken-hearted young woman.  The final chapters give us hope and made me wish for a sequel so I could read about Miss Pink’s plans coming to fruition. Sarah Cavallaro is a writer who pulls us in and does not let go with her insights into the human and canine psyches. I do hope she writes another book starring Miss Pink and her pals.

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