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Dogs Can Do It On Surfboards!

Have you ever wondered how dogs can stay on a surfboard and keep their cool? How do they not slide off?  Well, first they start with a made-for-a-dog surfboard.  It is hard versus made of foam which can bend or crease. Plus the hard board can float better. Dog boards have a traction surface that helps them hang on.  This way the surf-dog can look for the right wave but be cushioned in case of a wipeout!

Surf dogs wear life jackets and even wet suits for those colder days. These are made just for them. Surfing dogs are water-lovers and very good swimmers. But having a personal flotation device keeps them above the surf when the wave is not being cooperative.

On the board, larger dogs keep their center of gravity in the middle or slightly to the back of the board.  They don’t want to be too far forward which could cause the board to dip under the wave or too far back so the board flips. Smaller dogs tend to have a more forward center of gravity.

The typical wave height for a dog is 1-2 feet, although the more experienced surfer dog can handle waves of 3-4 feet.  The surfer dog owner gets the dog started in the wave when it just starts to curl and lets go so the dog can ride the wave. Some surfer dudes even surf on the same board with their dog, which makes it all the more enjoyable.

Cowabunga surf dog!