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More Happy Tails Untold Personalized Pet Book Owners

tails-untold-book-on-white-backgroundThese testimonials, really make our day!

Molly’s Book

“The book arrived and it’s beautiful! I cried and I’m not a crier! Can’t wait to give it to my folks :)” (Subsequent note, Molly had hurt her leg, right after Molly’s Tails Untold Personalized Pet Book was ordered)

“My parents adored the book! They were both so glad! And Molly’s leg is starting to get better ūüôā ” – Jenna

Cato’s Book

“It is absolutely incredible, I was going to give to my mum for Christmas but couldn’t wait because I was so excited.¬† She absolutely loved it, thank you so much.”

Lorelai’s Book

“It arrived over the weekend and is lovely. I’m going to give it to the kids this coming weekend. Funny enough, we have family in New York whom we visit, so the story with Lorelai is even more personal! This will be a wonderful keepsake of their beloved dog.’

[Subsequent note]

“The family loved it. Skye is only six months old, so she didn’t have a lot to say on the matter, but almost-three-year-old Grayson thought it was pretty neat. He remembered Lorelai when he saw her picture and said her name. He loves books and reading, so I know that this special keepsake will be in regular reading rotation for him (and later Skye).

Thank you again for your wonderful work!”¬† – Katherine

Shiloh’s Book

“My partner had tears in her eyes when I gave it to her.¬† It came out better than imagined! And I got it last night and was able to give it to her right on time for her birthday! Thank you so much!¬† – Kira

Dexter’s Book

“The book arrived.¬† I can‚Äôt begin to thank you enough.¬† It is beyond perfect!¬† Laughing and crying all at the same time while reading it is the best.¬† You captured everything about him and we thank you from the bottom of our hearts for this amazing memory!!!

We have been sharing his adventures in social media before he passed so I’ll be posting about this and for sure give you a shout out as well.¬†¬† We are beyond happy with it and so very grateful!”¬† [Dexter is at the Rainbow Bridge]¬† -Tracie

A Special Testimonial from Bijoux’s Special Mommy & Daddy

Bijoux for blog








“Our Bijoux’s Tails Untold Personalized Pet Book is truly a piece of art. ¬†It is expertly written, beautifully created and so authentic and unique. ¬†It is everything we thought it would be and more. ¬†Susan Lyman, Owner, captured the pure essence of the love we shared with our very special furry family member. ¬†The photos of Bijoux that we provided were creatively placed in each detailed and charming illustration as were the special characteristics that made my Bijoux so special. ¬†As was quoted by another fan, it is truly “Whimsical” and a delight to read. ¬†The personalization of our Bijoux book ¬†created by Tails Untold exemplified the special bond that we shared with our best furry friend. ¬†Bijoux, ‘God’s little Angel’, now at the Rainbow Bridge, ¬†will be in hearts and souls forever and now with our wonderful Tails Untold Personalized keepsake book, Bijoux’s special characteristics and the very special memories we shared with him are brought to life and we smile every time we read it.¬†Thank you, Susan, for giving us this very special gift of love and for your generosity of donating a portion of the sale of every book to a shelter/rescue to help our furry friends who cannot help themselves. ¬†Like you, we totally agree that every pet deserves a loving and forever home. God bless you.”