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Taking Care of Your Pet During Hurricane Season

Upstate Hurricane Irene

Since Hurricane season is still with us, we felt that this information is very important for any “named” hurricane.

Hurricane Irene hits Upstate
Pets and Hurricane Irene

Natural disasters often force pet owners to make difficult choices about leaving behind beloved pets, but a couple of articles we noticed while preparing for Hurricane Irene showed that pets are taken into consideration by government officials. The Los Angeles Times reported that shelters in Atlantic City were allowing evacuees to bring their pets with them.

The ASPCA deploys “pet responders’ during natural emergencies and provides this helpful checklist for pet owners facing emergencies:

  • Bring pets indoors at the first sign of the storm. Animals can become disoriented and wander away from home during a disaster.
  • Arrange a safe haven for yourself and your pets in the event of evacuation. Do not leave pets behind.
  • Store an emergency kit—with items such as pet food, bottled water, medical records, a blanket, a flashlight and leashes—as close to an exit as possible.
  • Make sure all pets wear collars and tags with up-to-date identification.
  • Affix a rescue alert sticker to your front door or window to let rescuers know that there are pets inside your home.
  • Choose a designated caregiver to take care of your pet in the event you are unable to do so.

We hope all of our pet friends made it through Hurricane Irene safely. It’s good to keep the ASPCA tips in mind, especially since hurricane season is only half over!

Ruby Gives New Meaning to “Working Dog”

Ruby Gives New Meaning to “Working Dog”

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